Casino Themes

Alliance Fun Money Casino places the highest emphasis on all the aesthetic details of a world-class casino, creating an incredible wow factor.

Any venue can be transformed into an extravagant casino. Full Poly Premier pipe and drape treatment covers all exposed walls and our extensive themed decor will bring your event to life. We consider every aesthetic detail to ensure your casino is as true to the theme as possible.

Casino Royale (James Bond)

Casino Royale Theme Casino Royale Theme Casino Royale Theme

Have a casino experience as seen in the movies! With our custom decor of cutouts, signage, and more your casino experience will make you feel like James Bond.

Carnival (New Orleans)

Carnival Theme Carnival Theme Carnival Theme

Bring your casino to life with the masks and bright colours of carnival! Based upon the New Orleans annual event, turn your casino into an exotic gambling experience.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Theme Las Vegas Theme Las Vegas Theme

The classic Las Vegas casino. With decor and signage identical to Las Vegas, your guests will feel as if they have left Calgary for a night of fun!

Stampede / Western

Stampede Theme Stampede Theme Stampede Theme

Popular during the summer time and stampede, we have a huge inventory of western & Stampede decor to transform your indoor or outdoor casino into a boot stompin′ good time.

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